5 Reasons Why Medical Tourism Is Rare in the Addiction Market

While tourism is growing in most parts of the world, another subcategory that is also garnering interest is the field of medical tourism. Medical tourism is a branch of tourism that encourages people to travel to foreign countries to obtain medical aid. It could be for any condition including cancer treatment, organ transplants, knee/hip replacements, dental problems, cosmetic surgeries, botox, or even addiction problems.

The reasons why people prefer to travel abroad for their medical condition are many, some of which include cost, facilities, experience, privacy, etc. However, medical tourism in the addiction market is quite rare when compared to others like cancer treatments and cosmetic surgeries. Here is a look as to why.

  1. Many feel that there are many treatment centers within their home country that provide the right ambiance and the perfect care that will help them overcome their addiction problems. However, there are several others in the world that could be better, for instance, visit ontariodrugrehabs.com com to get a feel of the center there.
  2. Moreover, people also feel that going abroad for an addiction problem is not worth the cost that includes travel expenses, airfares, visa processing charges, accommodation expenses, and others. On the other hand, it is all about making the right destination selection.
  3. Additionally, people feel that they might not be comfortable in a foreign country during the de-addiction period, which generally lasts for days and even months, mainly in terms of food, language, communication, travel, etc.
  4. People also fear that they might relapse sooner than they are cured if they are treated in a foreign country. However, this comes down to a person’s willpower.
  5. Further, medical tourism related to addiction problems have not yet attracted many investors to fund the program across the world, making it hard to sell.

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