The Beach Villas Of Koh Samui

The past decade has seen an increase in the number of travellers to Koh Samui. Koh Samui is an island set in the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Thailand. From Bangkok, it’s a one hour ride in a plane. Travellers can allow reaching the island through boat from Surat Thani Province. There are two other islands in this region but Koh Samui is the island that attracts more travellers who are looking for wonderful classy experience, i found a great villa accommodation here. Koh Samui’s airport also has daily flights back t Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong making it a reachable destination.

The Perfect Location

People who have knowledge of the island’s geography can opt to find their own villas and houses to enjoy the scenery better – I found great villa accommodation here. As Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Samui’s eastern side is the most preferred one for travellers. The eastern side has a long white-sand beach and is a great place to find the best dining venues and luxury spas.

The north of the island is attractive fishing villages. There are few private villas in this area in addition to the restaurants, cafes, spas and shops. But these villas are specifically for those who want to be away from the crowd.

Wonderful Facilities

Nothing can match the facilities offered by the villas in Koh Samui. Even the classiest resorts cannot match the facilities given by the private luxurious villas. The facilities are more sophisticated. In fact, many villas boast of their own indoor and outdoor swimming pools, playroom for children, fully-equipped gyms, outdoor dining areas, rooms for entertainment with private cinema screens and gaming stations and high-speed internet connection throughout the villa property.

There is a set of dedicated staff for each of these luxurious villas which include people for cleaning, driving, a chef and concierge services. There is nothing more relaxed than having facilities like these. It is a home away from our home!

Best Ways to Get Around in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful place. And it isn’t a very big place. A regular touristy advice for travelling around the city would be to take flights, do train hopping or may we suggest a more interesting and pragmatic option – rent a campervan or motorhomes and enjoy a road trip around the place. Speaking of motorhomes these are the types of motorhomes you can get for a Scottish road trip.

Scotland by airplane:

Flights may save you a lot of time and they are quite a good option when it comes to accessing remote locations like the Shetland Islands and the Orkneys. However, flights can also be expensive and you may miss the pristine natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands from up in the sky.

Scotland by road – trains, buses and rental motorhomes and cars:

Therefore, many tourists prefer trains, buses and rental options as they are not only economical, but they also get to enjoy the beauty of a coach and road trip. The travel infrastructure in the city is pretty good. And all the major cities and travel destinations in this place are quite well connected by trains and buses.

Pointers for a roadtrip:

If you are travelling as a group or a family renting a motorhome or carsis quite exciting and practical too. But before going anywhere, tourists must ensure that they have the appropriate and valid driving licenses in place. You can either take an international driving permit or of you are from the USA, then your driving license is valid for small vehicles only in the U.K for about 12 months since the time they enter the United Kingdom.

If you are planning a road trip by cars/ campervans, investing in a good-quality GPS device is a must. The Scottish signages adhere to the international standards; however, a GPS is useful for the relatively remote locations and to access the interiors.

We hope this snippet throws some light on how you can plan for an enjoyable and breathtaking Scottish holiday.

Tips To Buy A Hunting Binocular

Most people around the world would have used a binocular, at least as a toy. When it comes to binoculars used in different fields, the requirement varies. Only a very few people who have good knowledge on binoculars, consider the important features for the specific purpose to buy it. Others purchase it randomly by viewing the specification and choosing the best among them. The one they choose may be a great binocular with a great specification, but it may not fulfill one’s need.

For example, a binocular with higher magnification value may be suitable for watching the object closely. It may satisfy the need if it is bought to watch the stars or the birds. But, it may not be a great choice if the actual requirement is to carry with them on a ship. This is because a wider field of view is better than the closer view while sailing on the sea.

In the case of using binoculars for hunting, it must be such that they are easy to point at the targets, to look for dangerous animals to safeguard oneself and to survey the terrain. Here are few tips to choose the best hunting binocular, don’t shop until you’ve read this guide.

  • Hunting is usually done in the late evenings and early mornings when the natural light is not sufficient to find the target animals. So, it is better to opt for a binocular which provides a good view even in low light.
  • One is not going to zoom into the animal so much for hunting purpose. A view of the wider area is required as it helps to find the animal easily by covering a large area.
  • If you are a hunter who wears glasses, then it is important to get binocular with a larger eye relief.
  • Range finder on the objective lens is an advantage for the hunters to calculate the distance of the target.

So, make note of the above points if you are a hunter carrying a binocular with you.

Get To Vietnam With An Easy Visa On Arrival

If you are an American and planning a trip to Vietnam, remember to get a valid visa, as Vietnam does not allow entry for foreigners without a valid visa.

While there are many countries that allow entry just on the basis of a valid US passport, Vietnam is not so. No matter whether your trip to Vietnam is for business or pleasure, they do not bend rules for anyone.

How to get a valid Vietnam Visa?

There are different methods to get a valid visa for Vietnam. One of the simplest is the Vietnam visa on arrival for US citizens.

In this way you get a valid visa as soon as you touch the Vietnam lands. This is when you are travelling by plane. The process is as follows:

You first get assistance and fill out a form while still in the US.

The next step is to pay the visa service fee.

After the fees have been paid, you then get an approval from the Consulate.

You then take the approval and board the plane with that as a proof.

On arrival at Vietnam, you will be required to show your approval letter along with a valid passport. And your visa will be made available in just 1-2 working days.

The process is much simpler and takes lesser time as well. Even the fees charged is bare minimum and that too will be 100% refunded if your visa application is rejected.

You can make the payments using Western Union Money Transfer, PayPal, pay online or even cash is accepted.

Also in case you have a doubt or require any assistance, they have round the clock customer support available for all travellers.

Yet another way to get a valid visa is by applying beforehand and getting a visa. But this process takes longer and costs much more also the amount is not refundable.

For travellers who arrive by cruise, there are many agents that provide a valid visa on board at a cost.

What I found on my Trip to the East

Two years ago, I headed out on my first trip to the far east. Being from america I didn’t know what to expect, only that it would be a complete alien world to me. The only familiarity I found were the tourists from the entire western world. It seemed like all the young people from all over the developed world had come to stare and photograph the locals. Something that I abhorred. I came here not to watch, but to get involved, so I started my own trail off the beaten track.

After 3 days of trekking with a group of vietnamese monks and a guide, we arrived at an ancient buddhist temple. Surrounded entirely by dense forest on all sides and hidden well from anybody who doesn’t know it’s exact location. The monkeys howled during the morning and at night, I could swear there were more crickets rubbing their tiny legs together just outside of the temple than there were drops of water in the ocean.

Spending nearly a week there, with no running water, electricity or internet, I felt truly at one with myself and the world. But, even though this place was magical, I knew there were so much more on my list that I needed to see and do if my soul was to be full before I went home.

So off we set again, me and my little crew that I had formed. We all agreed that we wanted somewhere with a little more luxury and agreed that somewhere by the sea would be the best for us. We ended up stumbling across Na Trang, a beach to the south of vietnam. To our surprise I found a great villa accommodation here, big enough for all 6 of us to each have our own room and still see the beach, it was a dream.

Safe to say, there was so much yoga, meditation and healthy eating going in those four walls. Especially after basically becoming a monk for a week