Travel strategies the pros use

Travelling is not everybody’s cup of tea, while some take to it’s like a fish to water others are uncomfortable and anxious. Here are a few tips from travel pros to make each trip a memorable one for the right reasons.

  • Use any depuffing eye mask under your sleep mask on a long flight. This will help in keeping your look fresh and well rested
  • Don’t forget to pack travel portable chargers that are designed to charge your device should its own battery die mid-flight
  • Now there is an app for everything under the sun and there are umpteen apps for travelers. Downloads an app that gives you information on the weather and another that helps you track your flight especially to know if there is a change of the terminal, delayed take off and any other information in the airport.
  • According to Bob Payne travel editor of, one should always ask for the middle seat on the airplane as this gives you an opportunity to converse with two different people and this will make the journey And for those who cannot bear to talk to anyone a noise canceling headphone set will protect them from the ambivalent noises of the airplane.
  • You are not allowed to carry beyond the security hence carry a reusable bottle that can be filled at a water fountain once you cross security. This is an eco-friendly way of staying hydrated.
  • Carry all your important medicines, documents and even clothes in your carry on, just in case your checked baggage doesn’t reach in time you won’t be left high and dry
  • And finally, according to travel journalist Kay shower, a travel list makes the difference between success and failure. Because you can never be too sure. He also suggests carrying a foldable tote bag for those unforeseen shopping sprees.

Now that we know how to be comfortable during traveling, should we ask the pros on tips on how to travel for free also?

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