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I was suffering from chronic pain in my feet:

Ever since my first delivery, I used to experience a strange kind of numbness in my feet especially when I got up the first thing in the morning. Initially, I tried to shake it off saying that it is because of the stress that the baby bearing and rearing was giving but the pain started worsening little by little.

The pain was radiating around the arch slowly:

As months rolled by, I realized that what was only a little numbness around the high arches in the feet was now full-fledged pain that was radiating to the knee and the toe. There were days that I could not carry myself out of the bed and even go about the routine. The pain was only excruciating day by day.

I was on painkillers for a long time:

Painkillers only killed pain temporarily but the moment their effect ended, the pain would become so unbearable that I would want to cut off my feet and throw it away. In the meantime, the doctors were also telling my relatives that I was slipping into a depression because of the traumatizing pain that I was going through. Yes, the signs were visible.

And then the miracle happened!

My doctors taught that the last resort was to do an intravenous surgery using steroids but before that, they taught they could try kratom as a line of treatment. And I cannot tell you how successful this strategy was. The pain was gone in no time and the effect was long term. But the problem was that it was difficult to procure this substance because of the controversy surrounding it.

Online was the answer!

After hunting in most places, an acquaintance gave us this good news over the phone, “check out this site for kratom.


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